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About the Company

With the facemask, supply increasing globally, PSC-Solutions had been focusing on inventing new type of PPEs, which were not widely available on markets to enhance the public protection from the Corona Virus. Currently, PSC-Solution has the following products including but not limited to nose cover, portable sanitization spray, handcrafted respirator, mask-to-respirator adaptor, anti-fogging laminate.

We have been constantly practicing to deliver quick turn-around solutions for real challenged industry application problems, which have led to numerous successful product commercialization. This has helped to accelerate their development and understanding by we called “laboratory simulation” which utilize all available resources, scientific knowledge and common sense, combine science and art to deliver quick turn solutions and understanding to help industry partners to make quick and sound decision in their critical development path. 
Currently, PSC-Solution LLC locates at 1-A, Churchill St., Hattiesburg, MS 39402. 
Its business scope include:
•    Covid 19 related PPEs invention, promotion and sale
•    Covid 19 PPEs craft workshop
•    Covid 19 prevention training and consulting
•    Life science invention studio

The company vision is as following
•    Utilize whatever resources available locally and transfer them into effective PPEs to fight against Covid 19 pandemic. 
•    Invite the public to engage in the process of invention and fabrication of the PPEs to largely increase the acceptance and application of the PPEs by the public and local community. 

The PSC-Solution LLC will play as a platform
•    to gain Covid 19 prevention knowledges
•    to learn key prevention skills
•    to obtain many prevention PPEs or PPE craft skills
•    to meet with friends with same passion and vision
•    to inspire and be inspired
•    to be a window of new applicable inventions out of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to the nation and the world.